"I Found A Liquor Store And Drank It"

hi! my name is jenny im 17. im kinda starting to RP a little. im not that good at it but i kinda like it it. I live in North Dakota. I have 3 horses and a bunch of other farm animals like ducks and such. I have7 of thoughs ;) I absolutely adore Tom Cruise. he is awesome ad I hope to get to meet him someday. I am in love with supernatural and the whole cast. if you are still reading this then you must care somewhat so thanx :) "someday, its a dangerous word. its just code for never."
- Roy Miller, Knight and Day

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she trotted back out from the motel check in, carrying the room key and quickly got in the car and drove to their room and parked in front of it, shutting the car off. “ok, C’mon lets get you fixed up.” she said, getting out and and going to open the car…

gen took his hand and hauled him out of the car. she was strong and could handle the weight dean put on her. “well not exactly..” she said, helping him to the door. she noticed his breathing had gotten shallower than before and looked up at him “hey, you stay awake.. i can handle most your weight but not all of it.” she said as they reached the door and she started to unlock it. 

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